Before You Sign Your Next Lease Read This!

So how do you beat leasing you might ask? Well, although it may not be for everyone, buying a house might be the right option to save money, build equity and learn how to manage the property while living in it. How you might ask, by being your own landlord!

Check out this short one-minute video.

Check out these numbers below, please note that they are hypotheticals and are not exact to a certain scenario but are adjusted for today’s market.

$150,000 4 Bedroom House in Cedar Falls

$1,000 Mortgage + Taxes + Insurances (Home Owner Insurance & PMI)

$400 per roommate (Average College Rent in Cedar Falls)

$1,200 Leaves you to put $200 into Maintnece (Maybe Utilities If Roommates Don’t Pay)

Next Thing You Know Your Rent is Paid For.

Contact AJ to learn more about how this might be a possibility for you.

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