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Updated: May 11

Finding a Realtor can be extremely stressful on top of an already stressful event.

You might find yourself on the phone with a Realtor that you have no knowledge of or had no chance to research. This can be nerve-racking, especially when moving to a new area and you know nothing about it.

A problem with finding a Realtor from Zillow,, and even Google, is that agents will pay to get your call from these websites. Although that is not necessarily a bad thing you might not get a Realtor that can meet the needs that you have. Zillow, Google, and never asked you what you're looking for in a Realtor or better yet what your needs are from a Realtor, they just hand you off to whoever paid the most for your business.

I am proposing a solution to this problem by helping you find the best agent in your area for you. The best part about this is that it is no additional cost to you, you are paying the exact same amount you would if you were to find a Realtor by yourself.

As a licensed agent in Northeast Iowa, I can only do transactions in Northeast Iowa. Still, I can get a referral percentage from any and every agent in the entire United States. So this gives me a huge selection of Realtors to dig and find the right one for you and make it worth my time.

My intention is to get you on the phone and listen to your needs, goals, and timeline for your next real estate transaction. After listening deeply to what you need, I go to work as I call, email, and ask around the area you are moving to or from and find you a Realtor that matches your needs.

What are you waiting for? Moving out of town? Or selling your house? Let me do the research for you and find the best Realtor for you, not a robot, or the highest bidder online.

Find A Realtor That Matches Your Needs For No Extra Cost To You

Looking For A Home Search Tool Backed By Agents?

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